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Term Paper: Also, women in some countries in Islam are not allowed to vote. For example, In Kuwait, women are free to do whatever they want but are barred from voting. However, in Kuwait, they have recently changed the law to allow for women voters. As of a few years ago, Kuwaiti women are allowed to be candidates and can vote as well (Fattah, 2006). That is a historical moment for Kuwaitis and a massive step of progress in their lives. The Kuwaiti government system and democracy is rightfully hailed by its people. Islamist lawmakers denied women the right to vote, and realizing how it had nothing to do with Islam but resulted from culture and tradition serving to give Islam a bad image (Elias, Headlines:, 2005).

Moreover, there is no evidence in favor or against a woman’s right to vote to choose a leader. This matter has to be analyzed based upon the circumstances of a certain time and a certain place (Elias, World: News: The Independent, 2001). This notion tells us how the Quran and Islam made women and men equal. The differences emerge only because of the leaders and the environment people grow up in to. An example of this is the annual Jeddah economic forum. “The 5th Jeddah Economic Forum, held January 17th-19th, attracted over a thousand leaders and decision makers from around the globe. In addition to panel appearances by four Saudi cabinet ministers, Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and former US President Bill Clinton addressed the regional and global agenda, respectively. However, a milestone reached during this iteration of the JEF was the significant participation of women. Ms. Lubna Olayan, CEO of Olayan Financing Company and ranked amongst Fortune’s top 50 most powerful women outside the US, delivered the keynote address. After that gathering, Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh, on January 20th, issued a condemnation of Saudi women who showed up unveiled at the Jeddah Economic Forum and mixed with men, according to Arab News” (Saudi-US Relations Information Service, 2004). The Mufti explained how he examined the entire event to overlook any discrepancies with this as the result.

It can be noted, thus, that is it not the government that is the problem, it’s the religious opinions of some conservationists, who incorrectly uphold religious principles and end up curtailing women’s rights and freedoms.  The government is trying to do its best to make some adjustments and gradual change these ideologies for the better. As with any such major change, it will take time but with such events it can be observed that people are optimistic.

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