Sample Term Paper

To conclude we can say that in order to develop a successful customer relationship strategy the organization should be fully committed in providing customers value against the money that they pay. The information they would be requiring to develop this strategy would play a crucial role in this regard (Oakes 2005). As we already know that the goal of CRS is to achieve organizational goals while keeping in mind the customer service. The CRS cannot be implemented fully until and unless a customer centric approach is not adapted (Withrow 2002).

The two essential components of the CRM strategy include the traditional CRM model and the CI. The information which is in the CRM helps the organization in sales, marketing campaigns, supply chain management, call center, contact with the customer. In terms of our product line that is the mobile phones CRM would help in getting demographical data of the targeted customers. It would also prove vital in the marketing campaigns as the company would be having the information about the segment they are willing to target. On the other hand the CI would give an insight of the customer like the customer’s preferences, customer behavior, and their loyalty. This would also help the organization in cross selling as they would be having enough information about the customer and their preferences.

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