Sample Term Paper

Given the results of the previous study it may be concluded that perhaps one of the most dangerous implications of stereotyping would be when it is attributed towards the cultural identity of an entire race. Communities which have a multicultural and multilingual reservoir base their existence around the element of their cultural identity. This cultural identity is essential for them to protect and further their own interests. Within this cultural identity also exists the historical significance of a people’s linguistic diversity, showing great fundamental importance.

An example of this would be in the case of two German-German societies both of which share the same standard language while at the same time also using different varieties of it. There are also minority groups which may exist among majority groups who exert their own language as part of the culture and customs of their people. The concept of the mother tongue is commonly used to describe the characteristics that the language can bring as a unifying entity to a society. However, such deference for a language and its idealism does not make it immune to stereotyping (Carli, Guardiano, Kaucic-Basa, Sussi, Tessarolo, & Ussai, 2003).

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