Sample Term Paper

Term Paper: Data warehousing refers to the storing of an organization’s data in an electronic repository. The repository or Data warehouse is designed to assist reporting and analysis within the organization. Apart from storage, a data warehouse also consists of means for extraction, transformation and loading of data along with management of data dictionary. In a broader context, a data warehouse also includes business intelligence tools, tools for extraction, transformation and loading of data into the repository as well as to manage and retrieve the Meta data.

The need for data warehousing arose because organizations needed a reliable, unique reporting and data analysis tool which would be a part of their IT infrastructure. This was because of the fact that at many organizations the data that needed to be reported and analyzed came from multiple sources, that is, different departments or organizational hierarchy. Furthermore, the executives of these organizations also faced problems in getting the information that they wanted for decision making because the organization’s existing system were made to support only relevant operations of particular departments in which they were installed. Furthermore, in organizations, different version existed to what data was correct. For example, Sales department interpreted the data in its own terms which was different from that interpreted by Finance department.

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