Sample Term Paper

As Information system has its part in everyday life it also plays a vital role in farming. The decision support system crop protection is a system that has been designed as a learning tool for the students. An analysis was made to investigate the different decision making styles of the farmers in the area of crop protection and it was found that the decision making style of the farmers can be divided into three major categories System orientated farmers, Experience based farmers, Advisory orientated farmers (Jørgensen).

This DSS crop protection online system provides the starting point from where environmentally sound and economically feasible strategies are developed for controlling pests, diseases and weeds. This system helps the farmers in making decision about crop protection in cultivated areas. the information that has been generated by the scientist are very complex and often it does not reach to the farmers in the way they carry out their work and this is the biggest hurdle that comes in between. These systems should be designed with the collaboration of the user groups so as to achieve maximum productivity from the system.

The basic idea that we learn from this reading is how DSS can help farmers and other stakeholders in making appropriate decision making for crop protection. It has proved out to be very effective for the farmers that are using them hence creating more value for their job. Another aspect of this system is that of time saving and more swift decision making which helps reduce the cost in the sense that the right type of strategy are adapted y the farmers to tackle with the pests and the weeds that causes damages to the field.

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