Sample Term Paper

The economy was seen in ‘agronomist terms’ which denied the role of the merchants. But the emphasis on urban population later served to invert the social stratum while putting the merchants at the top and the subsequent decline of the Samurais. The Samurais especially those belonging to the lower rank were left behind in the field of education as well as were languished economically.

The economic growth of the country had an impact on different classes. Where the merchant class benefited from the economic growth and urbanization,’ Samurais suffered from those same phenomena’ (Yonemoto). Yonemoto presents several reasons for the deteriorating economic condition of the Samurais, the first being that they were paid ‘in fixed stipends, disbursed in rice’ (Yonemoto). The stipends were based on the ranks rather than the rise in the price. The second reason was that with the growth in economy the need emerged for the Samurais to trade their rice stipends for cash. But the merchants of Edo and Osaka threw hurdles in the way by laying them at the mercy of the gigantic economy and avaricious money exchangers. The third reason for the economic problems of the Samurais was the act by which they were prevented to participate in trade and farming.

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