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On the other side Harm reduction therapy has several detractors due to it’s outwardly appearance which seems to enable drug use and promote addictive behavior. Twelve step programs believe that an individual has to hit rock bottom and admit their inability to deal with their problems in order to move forward. Harm reduction promotes abstinence for those who want to quit and effectively reduces the risks for those who cannot. This increases the possibility of individuals of rejoining the societal structure and leading more productive lives instead of contracting life threatening diseases resulting in their deaths. Another criticism is that Harm reduction encourages drug usage among non drug users by giving individuals a safety net to begin using drugs. This viewpoint disregards all the social factors involved in drug use. There is also a criticism that it is cost intensive and a drain on resources. While it is true that the twelve step program is more cost effective, the long term benefits of the harm reduction therapy by avoiding treatment of complications resulting from life threatening diseases are numerous.

Harm reduction has also been accused of attempting to legalize the drug trade. This is simply not true as both therapies advocate neutrality on this issue. Both therapies only focus on providing the individuals with their own brand of treatment. There is also the accusation of the honey pot effect. This says that harm reduction compromises the safety of the community by attracting drug dealers. Evidence has instead shown that it does the opposite and actually has a positive impact on public health due to their needle exchange program, outreach program and discouragement of open dealing. While harm reduction also encourages the individuals to seek help, the twelve step programs do not. They believe that an individual must be willing to make a change in his life and does not offer any access to health or treatment services.

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