Sample Term Paper

Jameison (1985) wrote about the disadvantages of having the zoos. Using well researched and thought processed procedure; he came up with several arguments that show that zoos are insignificant or unnecessary. Jameison (1985) argues that keeping animals in the zoos restrains their freedom. Furthermore, the zoos are supposed to safeguard the almost extinct animals. However, he notes that there is n special breeding in the zoos. Furthermore, any form of breeding could easily lead to inbreeding among the captive animals.

Jameison’s argument cannot hold today. He fails to acknowledge that the zoos help to reduce the human-wildlife conflict. The populations in most parts of the world have exploded, hence leading to the need for more space to accommodate and feed them. To do his, man invades the wildlife’s home. To save the animals from this brutality, it was found better to have zoos so that some of the animals can be saved. It may look like captivity (Jameison, 1985) though it is actually an asylum for the animals.

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