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Term Paper: As a result of this discrimination at the hands of the North, the black community was forced to recede into a separate culture of their own thereby creating factions within the country and a growing sense of despair between the African American youth. The blacks withdrew into their own separate community creating alternative organizations, their own separate churches, dealerships, neighborhoods. Etc. This while preserving the African American community’s flavor, culture and separate identity only helped instigate a further sense of incompatibility with the tradition of slavery and retained the abolitionist movement that was gaining momentum.



Attached to Nash’s three essays that make the Race and Revolution are several annotated documents including rare letters, pamphlets, sermons and addresses that he uses to support his arguments regarding the North’s careful negligence in abolishing slavery. While traditionally scholars have held the opinion that the South was more responsible for its stubbornness to continue with the institution of slavery, the North played just as big a role if not bigger displaying a level of racism and hypocrisy without which thousands of slaves would not be pitched into the darkness of this institution. While the promise of independence in 1782 was expected to bring forth impartiality and the ideal of equality to the nation, the Northern leaders cast a cold shoulder on the institution of slavery and as it would seem, covertly refused to provide freedom to the enslaved African Americans. This was the air of hypocrisy in the late 18th century displayed at the hands of the North and the promise of revolution was not delivered when it should have. Nash’s book describes the role social, cultural and economic factors played in the upkeep of this institution and the revolutionary generation’s early efforts to abolish the same. He explains how with their effort to form a more perfect union right after independence, the Americans purposely ignored the resolution of this institution which left thousands of African Americans tyrannized, retreating into their own communities and building up a revolt that led to the emancipation of slaves.

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