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Sample breast cancer Paper

In addition to this it has been said that there is a link between breast cancer and the trauma. There are many cases in which it has been said that other than the factors that have been listed, trauma can be one of the causative agents in case of breast cancer. A research has been conducted at the North Lancashire Breast Screening Service, and it has been seen that if all the causes and the environmental factors are excluded from the causative agents list of the breast cancer in the patients, as these are the factors that have not been playing a very significant role in these patients, there is a significant number of the patients who have suffered traumas on the breast as a result causing the cancer.

In addition to this the further evidence has been provided by the study that has been conducted by the researchers on the breast epithelial cell generation and this has shown that there is a positive link between breast cancer and physical trauma. A link has been established, in addition to the physical trauma to the breast, between stress and the breast cancer. In this case it has been said that a stressful life can decrease the human body’s immunity to cancers.

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