Sample Term Paper

Autism is a ‘complex, behaviorally defined, static disorder of the immature brain’ (Muhle, Trentacoste and Rapin 472. direct quote) in which children are isolated from the world. The increase in the disorder is higher than other pediatric pre-valence such as spinal bifida, cancer or Down syndrome. The major symptoms include devastating impact on one’s language skills and failure in sustaining social relationships. Autism is characterized by ‘an array of specific social and nonsocial abnormalities’ (Happe, 237. direct).

Many experts see the increase in terms of the changes in the diagnostic criteria adopted after 1994 along with the growing awareness about the disorder and succeeding difficulties in explaining the conditions involved in the autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). On the other hand in the past some experts accused the mercury based preservative in children’s vaccines for a rapid increase in autism in spite of the constant denunciation of any evident link between the two. The most famous among the alleged elements had been the thimerosal vaccines and MMR vaccines, which was the responsible (Parsell.paraphrase).

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