Sample Term Paper

The very idea of the American dream encompasses the pursuit for happiness and moral values. America has entrenched in its constitution that every person has a right to “freedom, life and the pursuit of happiness”. It seems though that this right took a drastic turn in the early 1920’s. The pursuit for happiness turned out to be a desire for wealth and finally greed. This resulted in diverse classes having social rifts, which led to distortion of the American Dream. Social rifts dominate the love between Daisy and Gatsby, as the two do not come from the same social classes.

This resulted in the ultimate corruption of Gatsby himself, the desire for wealth causing greed and unlawful acts. He does everything expensively to please Daisy as it is evidenced by the fact that “Gatsby’s extravagant lifestyle and wild parties are simply an attempt to impress Daisy” (Fitzgerald 84).The greatest symbol in the novel, which is represented by Eckleburg, is more than just a mere advertisement. Eckleburg is described to have eyes which are “Blue and gigantic —— their irises are one yard high” (23). He represents everything that is corrupt. Gatsby, after renouncing his parents, is believed to be the son of God and the only thing he trusts is money. In chapter eight, Wilson mistakenly thinks that it was an advertisement for God. This clearly means that the advertisement signifies money (Bumm 57).

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