Sample Term Paper

According to constitutional theory written constitutions are  likely to give rise to more problems of interpretation, and are difficult to change than the unwritten. The unwritten can be changed gradually according to the changing needs.  The main elements of the constitutional government are ‘ProceduralStability, Accountability, Representation, and Division of power’.  The procedural stability are the basic rules the citizens must know according to which politics are conducted, an action that is considered as legal and constitutional today must not be condemned as illegal tomorrow ,the procedures must be stable.

Accountability; under the constitutional government those who govern are accountable to at least a portion of the governed, accountability is owed to the electorate by all the persons in the government.  Representation, those in office are representatives of their constituents, they are responsible to provide procedural stability and accountability of the office holders. Division of power, constitutional theory requires division of power of the government to several of its organs by dividing power between local and central government, the legislature, the executive and the judiciary, this ensures constant checks in the political system. The constitutional government cannot survive in a situation where the pattern of behavior is alien to the customs, way of thinking of its people, it means the state offices must state goals towards which the constitution wants its people to move. It is accepted in constitutional theory that parliament (the House of Commons and the House of Lords acting with the accent of the monarch) can do anything it wants to, including to abolish itself ,parliament has the ability to change almost any of the constitution at will, according to the constitutional theory many far reaching changes could be made, its flexibility is responsible to political and social change,  e.g. Magna Carta has been repealed since 1828. A modern document states the rights of the citizens (e.g. freedom of speech) in United Kingdom.

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