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For example, he quoted exodus 21:16, which stated that “anyone that steals a man, and sells him, or who is found with one shall be put to death”[1]. He also quoted Deuteronomy 24:7, which states “if a man is caught stealing his fellow brethren, and makes them merchandise, or sells them, he shall become a thief and die, and evil shall be put away from you”[2]. The use of religious quotes to mobilize opposition against slavery presented a challenge to the slaveholders who used christian doctrines to promote their social system.

This widely held view showed that the country’s divisions in social, political and economic systems were not divided on the basis of north and south but were also constructed around religious opinions. Genovese Elizabeth and Genovese Eugene (1987) described this as christian religious discourse that made accommodations in the context it was found in. Consequently, religion was used to transform the political, social and economic systems of America characterized by divergent protestant views. Protestants in the north accepted individual consciousness to realize progressive order, while the southern Protestants struggled in opposition to individual claims in support of social cohesion[3]. The north defended their progressive interests with religious understanding of the use of individual consciousness as the custodian of purpose of God.

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