Sample Term Paper

According to Boeree (5), the human mind is divided into the conscious, unconscious and preconscious. The conscious consists of that which we are aware of. The preconscious is that which can be easily called to mind even if it is currently not in mind.

According to Freud, the unconscious occupies the largest part of the brain. It comprises of all the components that cannot be easily remembered. It can be split into two; the components that originate from the mind such as motivations and instincts. The other components are issues that get to the mind but are so hard to bear that they have to be suppressed. These include painful and traumatizing effects that may have arose from previous life experiences. Nkara (2-4) brings out the concept of the unconscious through the documentary of Robert Hall. Nkara depicts a young boy of 4 years who is brutally abducted, tied up and raped by a stranger.

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