Sample Term Paper

Term Paper: Economic governance is term which is widely used by economists, sociologists, political scientists and business press. This term refers towards the rules, the regulations or institutions that shape up the economic activity. In recent times this term was studied by the experts with respect to the national perspective. For instance analysis were usually done on national markets, economic variables or non economic factors which included law, organizational structure, society, culture in short all those variables which came in national scope (Hazakis & Siousouras, 2008).

Ever since the phenomenon of globalization has came into the market economist have started to shift gears which means broaden their scope towards global dimensions of economic governance. The reason why this need emerged to study the economic governance in a global perspective was because of the rapidly spreading of market liberalizing and market regulatory policies around the world. A very good example in this case can be given of policies which force the borrowing nation to privatize state owned firms. Apart from that another matter of concern which was raised is the depoliticizing of the central bank and other regulatory authorities which include tax reforms, government downsizing, liberalization of financial markets, and rules regarding foreign direct investment (Cavanagh & Mander, 2004).

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