Sample Term Paper

Transportation has always facilitated communication, and communication facilitates healthy relationships which form the basis of major historical events. The phenomenon of automation revolutionized transportation by the 1800s when sails were set to rest and paddlewheels were invented. Though bulky and unyielding, they functioned as the first form of automation for ships. This was then gradually superceded by steamships until 1912, when the Danish Selandia was launched, treading onto the fuel-powered engine territory.  During the 1800-1900, the way Americans moved around their world underwent an extreme makeover.

In 1800, the nation’s natural waterways were the only practical mode of traveling and trade across long distances. This move attracted a lot of vagabond settlements near the country’s coasts and rivers. A few roads were constructed; however, which facilitated transportation to different major cities, but travel on them was cumbersome and time consuming.

A century later railroads sped along thousands of miles of track. The larger ships carried passengers and freight across the oceans while the smaller boats swam in the nation’s rivers, lakes and canals. People in the city resorted to a generous use of bicycles, old aristocratic horse-driven carriages and wagons for personal transportation.

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