Sample Term Paper

For effective management of a diverse workforce, the HRM of Jumeirah group of hotels should effectively create objectives, roles and goals for the teams. The recommendation is that SMARTER goals are used by HRM to lead the huge workforce (Sarker, Grewal & Sarker, S., 2002, p.3).

SMARTER goals provide HRM with the capability to reduce the influence of dominant teams, personalities and employees in the workforce, thereby reducing opportunities for conflict and increase communication. Since the goal of Jumeirah is to increase integrity, recognition, teamwork, innovation, people focus and continuous growth in both business and employees, SMARTER goals can assist in achieving this. SMARTER goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, bound by time, there must be assessment and re-evaluation (Sarker, Grewal & Sarker, S., 2002, p.3). This will make sure that Jumeirah’s working principle is achieved and the organizational culture is as applied to management and HRM practices and reflected in employees.

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