Sample Term Paper

Term Paper: Elections are the primary and the most elementary process in any political system which is based on democracy. In such a process all the eligible voters participate in the elections in order to choose the government authority. Recently there have been a lot talked about the American electorate system, feedback from public opinion surveys and criticism from informed observers shows that the electorate system is losing its popularity very quickly.

While some consider this as not a big issue which can be dealt with minor modification, other believes that it’s a very serious issue and it requires widespread changes in the political system. Some of the criticism which this system has faced over the years includes that of the high cost which is often associated with this system and secondly the lengthy durations of the election campaigns. The role of media is also under scrutiny, means how the media plays its role in developing public opinions and shape their perception accordingly (Reichley).

Apart from these issues some it is also being observed that this electoral system had its problem from the very beginning and it was not as smooth as it was thought to be. Among those numerous problems vote fraud has been a frequent issue in the American election. The vulnerability of the system could be observed from the fact that on seven occasions the system’s structure has been altered through amendments. On three occasions the candidate for the president with the highest number of voted was not elected as president (Reichley).

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