Sample Term Paper

HIV/AIDS is no longer rare virus in High schools in the United Sates.  This is among the most life-threatening diseases that can devour the infected person’s entire life.  In the United States, there are many prevention programs, abundant medical and information resources that citizens can access.  Nevertheless, not everybody in the world has the privilege to access the resources.

In many rural areas of South Africa, there are more than three million children growing up with HIV infections without mentioning the immense number of adults (A Closer Walk).  However, despite the severe conditions of infection in these developing countries, people are dying in their homes everyday due to lack of resources and proper care.  How can this be possible when there are so many prevention programs, foreign aids, and education campaigns?  Billions of dollars have been invested towards several international education and prevention campaigns, yet the arduous march of epidemic continues.  These campaigns are created in order to effectively educate people about HIV/AIDS preventions.  However, their efforts have failed in the areas where they are needed the most.

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