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Term Paper: Entrapments of Family | Term Paper Queen

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Joyce’s Stephen is shown fighting against the entrapments of family, religion and nationalism that impose unbearable cumbers out of which he feels a great need to free in order to acquire his identity. The conflicts that Stephen has to face are similar to the conflicts which other 20th century authors have presented in their works through the portrayal of their characters. Beckett’s characters in ‘Endgame’, Hamm and Nag, and the voiceless and frustrated woman in ‘Not I’, T. S. Eliot’s Alfred P, Lawrence’s Jack in ‘The Horse Dealer’s Daughter’, the dumb waiter of Pinter and other characters of the same authors find themselves entrapped in various nets and are stripped of their individuality by the society or by God.

The fact that makes Stephen of Joyce different from the characters of other authors is that he succeeds to find a path for himself as a result of self knowledge that would lead him towards the road to find his identity at the expense of his family, faith and country.

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