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Sample Epiphenomenalism Paper

Epiphenomenalism basically is the doctrine which states that mental phenomena are not causal in their nature even if they seem so in their appearance or occurrences.

This view represents that specific events and states of properties are usually caused by physical elements and they do not interact or correspond with anything which is not physical in nature or intangible in its existence. Therefore according to this if the mind is described as an epiphenomenon, then it exist like that die to the operations of the brains and the properties that the brain might have. However as per this belief it is not possible for the mind to affect the brain in this context.

Epiphenomenalism is a term form philosophy of the mind which relates to the opinion by people that physical events and occurrences tend to have mental effects and not the other way round, i.e. the mental properties triggering physical events or occurrences. In this belief the causal relationship between the two entities of physical and mental is on a single one way which flows from physical to mental and not the other way round.

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