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Term Paper: ERP Implementation in Bank | Term Paper Queen

Sample Term Paper

After conducting business process modeling and reengineering the ABC Bank can invest in an enterprise resource planning system. This system can be customized and outsourced to a company like Oracle or Sap or can be build in-house by a professional dedicated team.

This retail banking software can also be bought off the shelf in order to save time and funding however this will not bear the best results. The enterprise resource planning system can incorporate accounting and control systems for the bank, a customer relationship management solution for the bank as well as a strategic developmental and planning unit. This ERP system will be having a user friendly interface that would be compatible wit an SQL query engine. The system will be supported by a wide area satellite based network which will form a private extranet for the company bank.

The ABC bank extranet will be made compatible with the current system at all the branches of the bank where it will now be possible to share information, documentation and records. Through his extranet it will be possible for the ABC bank’s head quarters as well as its different branches to coordinate with each other and share the customer records as well as any relevant documentation enabling the ABC bank to resolve the data integrity and data redundancy problem.


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