Sample Term Paper

The main concern put forward by the management of the business was that they have to be included in the process of developing a storage and documentation solution for the company. As ERP system and data warehouse implementation requires significant investment of time and information from the employees as well as the management of the corporation and the bank, it would therefore satisfy the ABC Bank management specific requirement.

Aside from this the management for the ABC bank stated that the option of getting a customized developed and outsourced ERP system would be difficult and expensive for the bank. Therefore an option is available for them to buy an off the shelf simple ERP system for banks and implement it through qualified ERP implementation experts.

The centralization of the processes did not raise any questions from the management as they sidled with us in regard that the decision making for hefty and major investments should be centralized. Aside from this the automation of the business operation for the ABC bank were supported by the management of the ABC bank who is looking forward to being more technology oriented in order to make the ABC bank attain a level of competitive advantage in the market that it is operating in.


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