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Term Paper: Thomas on the other hand, takes a look at the dynamics and existence of racism in US society and how performances actually enhance the lines of division despite the fact that people often do not want to or do not give importance to act of racism. The paper evaluates the interviews of several female school students from different races, namely black and white, in which they were asked about their reactions to racism in their school. The paper states that although the girls themselves are the practitioners of race, they do not accomplish this in a social-spatial vacuum.

They actually face a powerful racialized space which they accept and repeat and embody racialization by invoking normative racial identities. An example provided in this regard, is the grouping of black girls that exist in the lunch room of the school. Another activity that develops the notion of racial identities among the girls is the labeling and policing of black and white girls and through space. The papers suggests that the girls identification of each other by other’s race and by making it an spectacle in the school spaceĀ  gives rise to the effect of racialization rather than normal identification of their peers (Thomas, 2005).

These reading are important in providing an understanding of the existance and dynamics of racism and discuss how it affects the society from the notion of performance. These reading highlight how performances by people affect the existence of racism in the society and that the spaces also plays a major role in the racial performance given out by people which either develop or attempt to mitigate racialization in the society.

Having experience multi-ethnicity all my life, I tend to agree with the findings given in both papers. Though performances by people tend to suggest whether they classification in the society or not, I believe that with the concept of racialization will then to melt away as people spend more and more time together in a space. I also have experienced that people are not often concerned with others race but rather the qualities that are attributed with that race. Once these qualities are understood, then people have fewer problems understanding each other. Though both reading attempt to classify the performance of people generally, they actually report their facts from specific environments (Mahtani talks about offices, while Thomas discusses racism among teenagers in school). The readings of the assigned papers raise several questions. First is the identification of factors other than space that play a role in performances. Furthermore, if the performances play a major role in highlighting the division in the society, are their any steps taken to prevent the development of such a space where people generally accept what they see and feel.

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