Sample Term Paper

According to this theory propagated by Victor Vroom, the individuals can be motivated by factors such as the linkage between awards and performance, the belief of the individuals in the organization appreciating this improved performance and lastly, the individual putting in more effort to yield better performance results (Miner, 2005, p. 94). This theory was used by the government to improve the education system when it was under the rule of the Labour Party during the 1990s during which the party undertook initiatives to develop the education system by investing in capacity building, improvement of pay systems, investing in professional development and also in collaboration amount schools (Lawton, 1992, p. 23).

These reforms resulted in radical changes in the motivational levels existing amongst the teachers who until now were not getting their appropriate wages and the level of professional development was not at par with the rest. Hence, these radical changes instilled certain important factors from the expectancy theory as it linked performance to pay along with the development of the professional capacity.

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