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Sample Term Paper

Term Paper: This network architecture which has been design to achieve the objective specified in the scenario uses three major components, a broadband modem, a router and a switch. The router forms the core of this network architecture. This is a very simple architecture with most of the configuration of the network done by modifying the router’s setting. This router not only allows for the creation of a home network LAN which can be used to share printers and files between the laptops but also allows the laptops to access the internet. Furthermore, the use of router also allows protection to internal network as a router hides the implementation of the internal network from outside.

The use of switches allows the network devices to transmit using the full bandwidth available to them without waiting for other devices on the network to finish transmission. All the laptops have been connected to each other through the use of a LAN switch using 100Mbps Ethernet connectivity. The server PC hosting the community website is required to be visible from the outside network; hence it has been placed in the De-Militarized Zone (DMZ). A DMZ allows for the creation of a buffer region between public network and internal LAN. Resource places in this buffer region are accessible from the external network (here the Internet) while hiding other computers and devices on the internal network. The Tower PC has also been placed in the DMZ. This has been done due to the reason that this PC also needs to be accessible from remote locations. Computers in the DMZ have been connected to the router by using a switch as well (TechRepublic, 2004).

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