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With an inaccurate scoring criteria and a low implantation rate, it is common for centers to transfer more embryos for early transfers. Transferring a higher number of embryos results in a higher order of multiple pregnancies and twins with increased pregnancy complications i.e. abortion and premature deliveries (8). Although the tendency to transfer a high number of embryos has begun to diminish in the most recent years with the implementation of SART guidelines, several laboratories are beginning to try to make the shift to blastocyst culture because of several of the shortcomings early cleavage transfers possess.

Despite the initial disappointment of the results of extended embryo culture, the development of sequential culture media greatly improved the rates and outcomes of development to the blastocyst stage. Blastocyst transfers have become increasingly popular in recent years with the introduction of David Gardner’s stage specific media (G1/G2). The commercial availability of sequential culture media since 1998, which is capable of supporting the growth of healthy blastocyst stage embryos, has led to an increase in the practice of extended culture systems.

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