Sample Term Paper

Political Environment

The political environment of India is not stable that’s why the restaurant must have a backup plan. Similarly, the entire situation of the subcontinent has the tendency to change drastically therefore XYZ restaurant must possess a viable strategy to face the circumstances.

Legal Environment

XYZ restaurant must be well aware about the rules and regulations of the country and they must know issues related to taxes, jurisdiction etc.

Cultural Environment

In order to get an in-depth analysis of the target market, XYZ restaurant must evaluate the culture of the entering country. In the case of India the restaurant must take utmost care because India is quite rich in culture and people from nearly all the religions live in India.

Opportunities and threats for the restaurant

When entering into a new market every organization faces certain threats and opportunities. The biggest opportunity for XYZ restaurant is that market preferences are changing and people are diverting towards healthy food and food that fits their diet. That’s why entering into a new market can be beneficial at this time and they can target the upper class of India which comprises of industrialists, individuals from show business and cricketers. However, there are certain threats that can cause serious problems to the restaurant. The biggest threat is terrorism in the subcontinent and people avoid going to a restaurant because of that. Similarly, local restaurants can pose serious threats to the business and they can be the barriers to entry. Substitute products can be introduced by local manufactures and this can harm the brand (Kotabe & Helson, 2003).