Sample Term Paper

There is a great diversity in the family systems in different continents. For example the south Asian families have a tendency of having vertically extended families; this means that the family has three different age generations living together e.g. grandparents, parents and children (Sixth Sense).

Society in itself:

Nations are build up by families, and families are build by people living together. It’s a replica of a mini state, where the father is the head of the house, the mother is often handling the internal house affairs and mean time helping the father.

Family is the first place of learning and getting an understanding about the outside world.

Apart from that the family plays an important role in the development of an individual from an ignorant infant into a well reputed responsible citizen. It is also essential that the parents should ingrain the importance of family into your children. They should need to know that they would come across friends, but family is one thing that they will have in life throughout (Professors House).

The family also helps the children in developing responsibility and identifying their role in the family how they can contribute in the daily lives. A good way to have a conversation with your family is at the meal together. Here parents can ask their children different questions about their studies, any problems that they are facing etc; the atmosphere that time should be conducive for communication so that the children should not be hesitant. Another good way of enhancing the bond between the families is to go on short trip vacations. This is a great way of taking a break from the normal routine hectic life and spending some time with your family.  This would bolster children’s self confidence and give them a good feeling about the family bonding.

Kinship relationship:

This phenomenon lies in the extended family largely. It includes lineal relationship which refers to grandparents and grandchildren. Collateral relationship refers to the uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews and nieces. Affinal refers to parents in law, children in law and sibling in law (Georgas).

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