Sample Term Paper

China, on the other hand, owns huge areas of land in Zimbabwe and Algeria. China is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and it has been taking advantage of this situation. China has also acquired significant pieces of land in Africa where it is using its technological resources to do efficient farming. Those pieces of land are controlled exclusively by Chinese authorities and the local population has no right upon those lands (Saunders, 2010).

Main Targets for Land Grabbing

Countries that are mainly targeted for land grabbing are, as mentioned earlier, economically weak. Most of the countries interested in land grabbing are primarily targeting Africa which desperately needs financial assistance and economically strong countries are taking advantage of this scenario. Rich countries are ensuring the safety of their food supply at the expense of poverty of the already poor African population. Africa is also the main target because the price of the African farmland is the lowest in the world (Hunt, 2009).

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