Through its surveys and feedback, the Apple Company is able to know whether or not the iPad was successful in enhancing people’s lives and making things easy. They can also know the areas which need further improvement in future creations or faulty areas that need immediate reconfiguration. Constant involvement with the consumers ensures detailed report on gadget efficiency.

By the time Apple was releasing the iPad, it had put in place the proper support system for its customers to ensure smooth operation and ease of use. It has features such as the user guide, workshops, one to one, discussions and the live chat with a customer care agent. The one to one has options like personal training sessions and personal projects sessions. The user guide is a simplified manual in hard copy with instructions on various areas and a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section for easy solutions to most problems encountered with the iPad. Talking to an agent online may also provide answers to more complicated problems and satisfy the consumers more.

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