Sample Term Paper

This requires a swift response to ameliorate the damage and both the IASB and the FASB have shown that they want to get involved in the route to recovery.

This has been with the establishment of the Financial Crisis Advisory Group by both the boards to perform an advisory role regarding the standard setting implications of the crisis and the changes it brings to the global regulatory environment (Sigrid 2009). This is a prestigious unit comprising some very influential and senior names from a variety of industries such as banking and insurance. The FCAG has been considering how improvements to financial reporting may help to enhance investor confidence in the financial markets. It further seeks to identify, and provide with input and advice on, significant accounting issues that require the boards’ immediate attention or consideration in the long term. There is a strong need to go over the regulations to make sure they are not too prescriptive which could actually backfire in times of crisis as has recently been illustrated (Zwaniecki 2008).

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