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Term Paper: Financial forecasting of Toyota | Term Paper Queen

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Financial forecasting has been important for the company as it has seen rapid growth across multiple continents and acts as a safe and viable investment in stock markets ranging from the Nikkei in Japan to the NYSE in the United States. At the dawn of the current financial crisis however, Toyota Motor Company has seen its profits being hit on account of falling global sales.

It has however been able to survive through the rough tides and still recorded relatively positive results. Net revenues rose 9.8% from 2007 while net income increased 4.5% which is a sign of the continuing profitability of the company in the market. Total assets did decrease by 0.4% though and the stock price took a hit in the falling markets. These figures point to the financial strength of the company and as the recession bows over on account of the global stimulus packages, Toyota can be seen to regain its profitability as before and continue on its trend of innovation, lead by the new Hybrid car technology which is seeing a growing market due to the rising environmental concerns globally.

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