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To sum it u we can say that the main objection or flaws that have been observed in this system are as follows.

  1. Electing a minority president
  2. The faithless elector
  3. Constant two electoral votes
  4. Winner takes it all rule

These are some of the points that have come under high criticism and debate to resolve these issues are going on till date. Opponents of this system suggest that with this system the possibility of electing a president without having absolute majority is very open. Apart from that the faithless electors are also an issue. By faithless elector we mean to say that an elector who is bound to vote for his particular part’s candidate but for some reason or the other vote for another candidate. Voter participation is also damaging because the state is permitted to the same number of electoral votes so there is no incentive for the people to participate in the elections (Kimberling).

Personally what I believe is that a need for reform in this current American political system is needed badly. The reason why I am not in favor of this system is because it is totally against the spirit of democracy, its biased giving undue advantage to one state over the other. Apart from all these reasons what I believe is the biggest disadvantage of this system is that it is dividing the society, the general public is getting the impression that their vote doesn’t count as selection would be based on the electorate college system. This phenomenon is dividing the nation and also a feeling of dispossess is created between states. Certain modifications in the system should be done in order to change this system and everyone should be measured on a similar scale and this is what in best favor of the United States of America.

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