Sample Term Paper

In such an exciting world of ever new people to talk to and various choices being available, people can become bored with the real world and in a sense find it not very stimulating. In this way, these networks tend to discourage going out or interacting with people from the neighborhood and even act as a deterrent for acquiring new physical experiences which makes a person very anti social. The individual may live in an apartment and spends days on end in front of the computer and a few hours on work, without the next door neighbor knowing one at all.

 There is a sense of being disconnected with such social networks. While people may have fun sending random messages on cyber space, sharing amusing photos and finding out which superhero they match most closely, it does not serve as an effective substitute for real experiences (May 2008). Those enticed by such trivialities may lose touch of things such as going out with friends and dancing and drinking with them. People actually become isolated on their workstations, distant from the live and vibrant world around them where the smell of sweet flowers and walks with intimate folks tantalize and provide valuable experiences to be cherished.

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