Sample Term Paper

Before starting with the causes, it must be good to know that, in Islam we must follow what we have got from Qur’an and Sunnah without looking if there is harm to people or not. But if we have harm can we see it, it might appear to elaborate it with more evidences.

Firstly, riba Alfadhl (the increase in the same group and the same kinds) (Almetrek, 1993):

1-      To avoid the waste money and the excess and the extravagance in trading in the six kinds.

2-      To avoid the monopoly.

3-      To not make people detrimental to each other and to save their money etc.

Secondly, riba Alnase’ah (the delayed in the same group) (Almetrek, 1993):

1-      This is wrongful for the debtors.

2-      The people will dislike each other etc.

To sum up from the riba, it can be said, (Almetrek, 1993) the money does not produce money. (Aboalsaud, 1968) Although, suppose that if the meter changed from time to time, for example today is at 100 centimetre and tomorrow at 95 next week 115, what will happen to the people who are making their transactions. This is the same for the money.

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