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Sample Funding of IASB Paper

They can influence in the process in various ways, one of which is funding for the body. This has been a source of criticism for the International Accounting Standards Board which has a funding regime composed of nearly a third of its funding being drawn from the big four accounting firms while the rest comes from two hundred exchanges and companies from around the world. There is a need to broaden this base so as to reduce the conflict of interest involved. A better solution could be compulsory contributions akin to what the Financial Accounting Standards Board of the US gets from all the listed companies in the country (Zeff, 2002).

 Government is another important entity that seeks to influence the process of accounting standard setting. This has been highlighted by the words of the outgoing chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States in 2008 who spoke of accounting standard setting as not being a tool of economic stimulus.

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