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Mahatma Gandhi was the Indian revolutionary leader who led the nonviolent resistance against the British colonial rule in the decades leading up to India’s Independence in 1948. Richard Attenborough sets about depicting his life story amidst India’s struggle for freedom and how it was shaped about by the complex nature of his goals of a free and secular India where Hindus were allowed to live an oppression free life.

The movie does not depict the entire life history of Gandhi, but how his movement was brought about. Attenborough wanted to put the advent of Gandhi’s movement into perspective and achieves that effectively by initiating the movie with Gandhi being thrown out of a South African train because of his race. As a result he lodges a protest against the government in South Africa resulting in the government recognizing the rights of Indians. It was a victory that led him to launch a similar but countrywide peaceful protest within India causing a stir within the colonial government that eventually succumbed to public pressure, granting India independence. With Hindus celebrating this victory, Muslims sought to achieve a similar aim resulting in mounting religious tension between the two sects. As a result, the partition of India takes place and Pakistan was formed. Gandhi in all his wisdom is opposed to the idea of partition, and spends the last of his days seeking peace between the two nations. This creates dissenting enemies on both sides leading to his assassination (Attenborough, Gandhi).

Attenborough depicts Gandhi as the proprietary leader of the non violent non cooperation movement and succeeds in trying to relay him as an ideal for the Hindus as well as the Muslims to follow. He introduces direct quotes from the leader to instill a sense of responsibility on both sides, so that Hindus do not just hold the man in reverence but follow in his undying footsteps proclaiming peace-inspiring dialogue that is not riddled with ulterior motives.

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