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Garlinski’s work is important as it provides some intricate details into the nature of the workings inside Auschwitz. One intelligent maneuver that the ZOW was able to employ was the use of a “bacteriological warfare” lab to culture typhus bearing lice which were used to infect Nazi guards (Garlinski 53).

Apart from these internal measures, the underground was responsible for numerous daring escape attempts that were orchestrated by the poles (Garlinski 103). At one time, this manifested itself in the form of open revolt inside the camp.

The author further highlights the utilitarian nature of the Nazi policies towards the inmates. As 1942 was passing by and the possibility of Nazi defeat began to emerge, the Germans decided they required labor from able bodied people for the war effort. This led to them sparing a lot of the Jews inside the camp and even toning down on the reprisals against the Poles for their rebellion and escape attempts (Garlinski 101). There is also an account of the horrid plans regarding experimentation with sterilization conducted on some of the Auschwitz inmates. This was inline with the genocidal plans of the Nazi leadership.

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