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Gary Nash is a historian by profession and has served extensively in the academic impartment of history as a Professor of history at UCLA and as well as the Director of National Center for History in the Schools since 1994. Having graduated from Princeton in 1955, he moved on to do his PhD from the same University in 1964. He has authored and co-authored many books including Red White and Black, the Peoples of Early America (1974), History on Trial: National Identity, Culture Wars, and the Teaching of the Past (1997), etc and won the Daughters of Colonial’s Wars’ prize for his article Poverty and Poor Relief in Pre-Revolutionary Philadelphia published in William and Mary Quarterly in January, 1976 (OIEAHC, 2009).


Gary Nash has authored Race and Revolution as an inspiring recollection of the events and times that led to the American Revolution in a revisited perspective not many willingly take. Nash has attempted to refute the original ideology that slavery was merely a way of life in the earlier days and not many slaves felt the need to fight for their freedom and somehow let the owners rule their life for the time they lived. This book is meant as an eye opener for those that believe that the slave owners were too naïve to know the difference and remain ignorant of the advent of the American Revolution. The prime aspects of Nash’s work go into the depths of the historical development leading up to the revolt and the fight for freedom at the hands of the working masses, shedding light onto the slavery prone and white dominated conservative culture of the revolutionary era.

The small extent of this book is riddled with historically significant details relating to the division of casts and the racism that plagued early revolutionary America. The Merrill Jensen lectures in Constitutional studies on which Nash bases his assessments regarding the slaves’ attempt at revolutionary freedom were widely regarded as authentic and resourceful.

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