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Hate crimes against women have been found to be on the increase. However, these crimes against women have not been classified as hate crime category making it difficult to asses the extent to which this crime has gone (Congressional Digest, 2007, p. 174). Recently, women rights advocates have been quoted saying that sexual and physical assault against women is on the rise. Violence against women is commonly in the form of personal attacks and in some incidences own faults of women. Therefore, women and girls are vulnerable to brutality and even death because of their sexual orientation (175).

The most remembered incidence of gender-based violence was in 2006 in Georgetown Amish School where 10 girls were shot. The assailant entered into a schoolhouse and shot on the head these girls leaving five dead. Local authorities reported that the children were separated from boys who were allowed to leave (Congressional Digest, 2007, p. 176). The girls were tied on the foot using a wire, lined up against a wall and shot dead. The federal law outlines such assailants as people who identified individuals by use of gender to isolate them as culpable to hate crime.

The disabled have not been left in this bandwagon. In the United States, there is little information about these crimes committed against the on the disabled. Disabled people are prevented in from participating in different community activities (179). The elderly are also been affected as they tend to be less active in the community. These discriminations are in form of marginalization to participate in to programs and other facilities provided to the community such as healthcare.

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