Sample Term Paper

During the forum, key speeches focused on the problem of gender bias with special reference to the workplace. Women were said to face difficulties gaining employment or sustaining the same due to cases of sexual harassment and discrimination. While laws have been put to protect women’s rights, it was eminent that further action needed to be taken to cement these laws. At the round table, women acknowledged that Gender equality was indeed a global priority.

Consequently, the forum then focused on seeking the way forward in making gender equality, a reality. From the discussion of the issue of gender bias, there were cited such scenarios of discrimination. For one, most judicial systems have sidelined women and made it adamantly difficult for women to serve as officers in the justice system. It was evident that there are less women judges, magistrates and law enforcement officers in the justice system. Clearly from this, it was crucial to heighten efforts for the empowerment of women as a way of giving them equal opportunities in the workplace.

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