Sample Term Paper

Gender disparities in the present society have raised various concerns since the emergence of feminism. Significant efforts have been made by various feminist groups in a bit to attain equal representation. Previous studies of video games indicate that these disparities are apparent in the media industry. They have had various implications with the most profound being undermining the worth and capability of women in the society. Notably, the disparities are manifest in the criminal justice system and have adverse implications due to the fact that they compromise the quality of service delivery to women.

Recent developments like the introduction of Lara croft video game in the media industry is considered desirable and encouraging. Kafka and Levine (1998: 39) ascertain that it is a clear representation of the ultimate goal that feminists seek to achieve. It is therefore imperative to review this case in order to understand the perception that women are presently accorded in the society. This would ensure that future efforts towards attaining gender equality are augmented by factual information regarding gender disparities. In addition to analyzing the gender disparities that the video game industry presents, it is vital to evaluate the content of the same in order to ensure that it reflects the fundamental societal values. This would be instrumental in preventing crime as only desirable values would be inculcated in the young gamers.

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