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The gender disparities are also discernible in the UK criminal Justice system. Despite the passing of the Legislation regarding equal representation at the work place studies indicate that minimal efforts have been done to ensure that the same is enforced in the criminal justice system (Poole, 2000). As such, the number of female officials in the criminal justice system is still lower than that of male representatives. This has had different repercussions to the wellbeing of women in the system. In her report, Corston argues that these disparities have disadvantaged both women offenders and victims (Home Office, 2007).

Women offenders who end up in prisons face a myriad of problems. To begin with, Hargrave and Livingstone (2006: 62) indicate that the correctional facilities for women are not enough to cater for the rising number of female offenders. Further, the system exhibits a great degree of bias when addressing cases that involve theft, fraud and women. In this regard, it is posited that women in such cases are likely to be found guilty, unless the scenario is characterized by violence (Dietz, 1998: 68). In prisons, the increasing number of women being reported to have mental disorders is disturbing. In this respect, Corston indicates that more women than men kill themselves while in prison (Home Office, 2007). This can be attributed to the worries that engulf women prisoners that are remanded and held in the same area as their male counterparts. The increasing incidences of sexual abuse as a result is a concrete reason that increases the anxiety of women offenders and makes them suffer from mental disorders. In addition, the proportion of women prisoners who physically harm themselves supersedes that of male prisoners. Of great concern however is the fact that most women prisoners are more likely to fall victims of sexual abuse. Such crimes are perpetrated by the male prisoners as well as the prison officials.

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