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It should be noted that research and statistics of comorbidity rates anxiety and depression being with high comorbid. To empirically demonstrate how anxiety and depression are highly comorbid, 19.2% is the current cases reported of anxiety cases with depression which is too high as compared to total community that indicate 14 percent prevalence of comorbid psychiatric disorders. Using DSM-III-R diagnostic criteria in a twelve (12) months period for diagnose of GAD, the results turned at 5.1 percent.

The age group 15–24 years shows lowest lifetime prevalence rate of about 2.0 percent. While age group between 45 to 55 years shows highest prevalence rates of about 6.9 percent. Psychiatric comorbidity in GAD occurs in about 66.3 percent of patients with MDD (Major Depression Disorder) proving to be one of the major prevalent co-existing conditions. This does not mean that GAD does not have a history or chances of co-existing with other conditions. For instance, the researches indicate that unipolar disorders were found to occur in 67 percent with GAD and 80 percent of people with life time Generalized Anxiety Disorder had a comorbid mood disorder at least once in their lifetime. However, this statistics can not overweigh analysis of 12-month comorbidity of GAD with depression that accounted for 59 percent, while others in total accounted for 56 percent.

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