Sample Term Paper

The German Model for the economy is considered to be one where the banks and the intermediaries instead if the financial markets dominate and influence the economy ad the market (Franklyn & Douglas, 1985).

These authors also justified and presented the effect these two economies have on the market as “the U.S. financial system offers several cross-sectional risk sharing opportunities because of the diversity of the markets. Investors in Germany have limited opportunities to share risk cross-sectionally.” Franklyn & Douglas, 1994)


The reason as to why the German capital infrastructure and the economy is set up as such is because of the couture and history of the population living and housing in this regions, After the World War II the country of Germany and its Allies were left to pick itself ad start building the nation all over again. The economy had suffered strong blows pertaining to its defeat in the war. Its strategic alliances with other countries had started falling apart and the economy of the country was a disaster due to the sanctions but on it by the winning party or allies. Prior to the war Germany’s strongest industry was that pertaining to the Aircraft and jet engines. During the war these companies flourished as the supply for the products manufactured by them went up and they even learnt to operate on limited resources during the war. However after the war concluded the economy fell into despair. The population of the country had already suffered a lot and the aircraft and jet engine industry was banned from making jet engines. AS a result with nowhere else to go and no other skills Germany stared making automobiles and started fitting them with jet engines. This gave rise to companies like Mercedes, Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW and Porsche.


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