Sample Term Paper

Hamilton argues that when a country gets richer, people will always want to spend more and more. They end up spending a lot of money foprgetting other poore countries that will likely perpetuate the same chrisis. This shows that going into shopping sprees when other are not because of various problem is likely not solve the economic problem. In this sence, shopping or spending during tough economic periods is not a solution to it at all. Furthermore, in countries wher people live better lives should no focus too much in making theselves more comfortable as this will demand more from their economies thus worsening any unfavourable conditions in that particular country.

Philosophies tha drive moder capitalism are the main drivers of this vice and therefore there is a big problem with them. It relies strongly on investment credit for financing innovation. As Hamilton argues, this has mainly provided by powerful coutries especially from the west. Unfetted capitalism by the west has however been unsuccessful since the main goal wealth creation is wealth.

Moder capitalism is also promoted of the philosophie that tend to look at the future. This has made it possible for capitalist to plan and strategise how they are gioing to behave in the future in order to safe guard thir future. Therefore ther is a[problem with future predictions as they trigger unnecessary tensions that these business class use for ‘legal’ exploitations.

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