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The geographical world of GIS has ever since induction of the remote sensing received a major boost in its operation mode, accuracy and quality of the services that offers to the intellectual arena. To this effect, through the use of remote sensing has enabled mapping of the earth surface for various useful purpose especially planning.  The other vital area that remote sensing technique in geography is the boost in the life saving missions like hazardous area mappings, economical activities like mineralization and enhancing the knowledge base growth by significantly contributing to the maps and mapping techniques like projections.

In this regard, remote sensing refers to the science of obtaining and processing information about the earth’s land and water areas from images acquired at a distance mostly above the earth surface.  In order to obtain and process this vital geographical information, remote sensing techniques relies on measurement of electromagnetic energy reflected from the features of interest on the earth’s surface to the sensor. For this reason, there are usually two common types of sensors used in the remote sensing techniques[1]. These sensors are SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) sensors that transmit microwaves and receive the back scatter waves from the Earth’s surface. While the second category involves optical sensors that measure the spectral data of sunlight reflected from the Earth’s surface.

[1] Stevenson, Siegal. 2006.  Remote Sensing Application in Geology. Pp. 65

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