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This can be done effectively, since geological remote sensing data facilitates a better understanding of the geology and geological structures with an aim of identifying areas with potential geoharzards occurrence; thus this processing and interpretation techniques generate advanced and very detailed geological information relating to geoharzards.  For instance the use of (ALOS) [1]Advanced Land Observing Satellite which is the latest technology in geological based remote sensing. Refers to the technological processes and procedures employed to obtain, process and interpret data for geological mapping in vegetated areas. Helps to monitor and manage the vegetation cover to evade the environmental crises resulting from vegetation cover imbalance in ecosystem.

In other words the importance and core of the GARS is on the three fundamental issues that justifies it. These are; reducing vulnerability of communities at risk to natural hazards, managing natural resources in a sustainable and environmentally sound way and contributing to understanding of global environmental changes and geodynamic. Therefore due to these quantifiable reasons that captures the earth’s population welfare and economical dimension, the research is a timely one and justifiable for its examining the geological application of remote sensing in the global remote sensing. However much of better understanding of appropriateness of the geological application shall be enhanced in the following section which studies the themes of focus to the GARS (Geological Application of Remote Sensing).

[1] Weber, Charles. 2005. Methodology for Regional Mapping of Natural Hazards using Remote Sensing and GIS. Pp. 195

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